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The Absolutely Necessary Keyboard Shortcuts

The Shortcuts you must use from the first day you work with a Macintosh.

These are the shortcuts that come for the commands we use most in our everyday life and it would be a huge loss of time activating these commands through Menus. Notice that most of them use the first letter of the command. Have it in mind as a memo.

Save: ⌘-S

The MOST IMPORTANT of all shortcuts. Working on a long document, it is easy to lose a big part of it, especially if we are absorbed in our work. The thumb on the '⌘' key, the index on the 'S' and, from time to time, as a reflex action, we order: "Save!".

Undo: ⌘-Z

The Oops! Button. Because it happens to all of us to go the wrong way. Very important, it can save your life (almost). You must use it just after the wrong action, not years later. Otherwise, the good thing is lost. Quite many applications will allow you multiple Undos, somewhat like going backwards a little. Some, will not allow you even one little Undo. Try to be very careful with these and send a :-( message to the developer.

Select All: ⌘-A

Having a long list of documents to erase or a numbers of photos to copy, selecting the entire text of a page or, whatever needs a global selection, '⌘-A' is the easy way to go. You don't even want to know were this command is hidden in the System Menus!

Copy-Paste: ⌘-C & ⌘-V

Because you will Copy and Paste thousands of times in your computerized life, just figure out how much time you could waste running around the screen to select this sequence from the menus. It is so important as a keyboard shortcut(s) that I prefer to tell you all about on another page.

Find: ⌘-F

Searching things in your computer can be a headache. Fortunately OS X is performing this very well. In your document to find a word or in the finder to find any item, this is the Keyboard equivalent to remember.

Info: ⌘-I

Once you found what you were looking for, you may need to know if it is the good one. Maybe the date created can tell you something. Or you are wandering how much place this photo takes on your disc. Info, this is the command to know.

Print: ⌘-P

Because our world is not yet completely paperless, from tim to time you will need to put your work on paper. A fast call the printing panel.

Close: ⌘-W

On the Windows PC, closing windows usually quits the application. Not on the Mac. If you close the window, the application is still running, assuming you may want to open another window to work in. The idea is that if you quit an application by closing it's active window, it takes more time to reopen it to keep working in a new window.

Quit: ⌘-Q

After closing all the working windows, leaving the applications running is not as bad as leaving the water running from the tap. It just wastes computing power, drains the battery and brakes your nerves when your computer slows down. Remember to put off the light, when leaving the room...

Before going any further, in my opinion, it is good for you to spend some time trying to remember and use these Keyboard Shortcuts. And, at the same time to totally forget were these commands are in the menus. Believe me, you will never need them again!Do your homework, then go ahead to become a Power User!

Use Your Mac And Have A Nice Time!


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